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1968 Kustom K-200

$1,999.00 ($69.77 shipping)

Rare - Kustom guitars were only produced 1968-69. Rickenbacker-like features include a semi-hollow body of paired pieces of Maple hollowed out for the top & back, single cat's eye soundhole, & Rick-style knobs. Gretsch influences include single coil Dearmond pickups used in 50s Gretsches, zero fret, & Bigsby tailpiece.  There's a touch of Mosrite with an ultra thin neck & headstock design. Other specs: bound Rosewood fretboard, multiple large dot inlays, "double line" Kluson tuners, unique adjustable bridge, steel nut. Very good vintage condition with some wear - all electronics work well. Original hardshell case with Kustom logo, instruction sheet for truss rod, & original 1968-69 calendar.


on the way

1970s Univox Ripper

Made in Japan. Gloss white finish similar to Fender's Olympic White. One of the coolest of the Japanese Strat copies. Equipped with Triple Maxon humbuckers, white-black-white pickguard, 4-bolt maple neck with "skunk" stripe, maple fretboard, bullet trussrod, vintage style tremolo with individual adjustabe saddles, 3 way pickups, volume and 2 tones  nice condition for its 40+ years of age - some dings and scratches.  The original hardshell case and trem bar are included.